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Jack In The Box


Jack In The Box is lumped into the "burger joint" category when tacos are actually their #1 selling menu item. 


Jack knows his tacos are amazing and he wants other people to know it too. So he vows to help the Taco rise to glory.


The Rise of Jack's Taco Regime.

To prove your loyalty on Snapchat, get into your Taco spaceship, fully equipped

with  nacho cheese ammo, and enter the fight for complete domination. 

Invade the resisting planets - based on food items - and obliterate your enemies!

Create a taco Bitmoji and mark yourself as a Taco Loyalist on SnapMap, you will, in turn, be able to see fellow loyalists near you.

To get potential recruits to join the Regime, Jack will be guerrilla posting propaganda posters.

Follow Jack on Twitter to be counted amongst the growing number of those loyal to the King.


Blessy Samuel (CW) Allie Smith (AD) 

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