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Background: Underwear is not a usual topic of conversation.


Idea: Make underwear a common conversation piece by flirting it’s ways into people's everyday lives.

Tagline: For the ifs, ands, and butts

Google gave its blessing to stock up on MeUndies just in time for "No Pants Day" (First Friday in May.)

If you have no game and turn to Google for advice your 

butt will find the best it's ever had.

During LA Galaxy home games lucky fans who posted a photo of a player with his shorts down won a pair of matching undies. 

If a player’s undies are exposed and you catch the action on camera your butt will score a keeper.

Public transit ads flirted at people with corny pickup lines.

Cools cats looking for love on Tinder added patterned filters to their photos to bring flavor to their profiles. Quite literally, if they chose the pizza pattern. 

If your first message isn’t “hey” and we both like the pizza filter, our butts can date at Domino’s.


Kristen Kaczynski (CW)  Allie Smith (AD)

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