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Communications Arts Typography Annual: Winner



The Girl On The Train Book Cover:

This novel is all about perspective and the complex reality distortion that can occur when viewing a situation through different eyes. The mirror image depicts the way in which the narrative is told through the rose colored glasses of the girl on the train.

What Autism Looks Like Infographic:

Autistic individuals rely heavily on their senses to perceive the world, therefore this infographic is intended to educate people on the common behaviors associated with Autism through mannerisms involving sight, sound, and touch. The iconic puzzle piece associated Autism Spectrum Disorder reflects its mystery and complexity.

Philadelphia Zoo Logo:

Like the City of Brotherly Love, giraffes are social animals that travel in herds of many different ages and sexes. The tall, prideful creature mixed with the earthy hues of the text represents the people of Philadelphia and the naturalness of wildlife.

Manchester Orchestra Album Cover:

I use Manchester Orchestra's music as a way to escape from everyday life. It can whip  you away to a peaceful forest, yet still remind you how big and scary the world can be when the loud drums and cello come in. The font choice is meant to be tall and strong like the forest. 

Can't help but draw a few of my favorite things. 

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