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Background: 90% of stress is caused by overthinking. 


Idea: Go ahead New York, overthink it, it just might be the perspective you need.

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Print- getty subway.jpg

Stickers around the city will remind people that although sometimes our everyday stressors and problems may feel so big, just remember that we are so tiny and our problems are smaller than us. 

station mock 1.png
station mock 2.png

The subway can be known for causing stress. Making it the perfect place to remind people to SpaceOUT for a second. 

Bathroom mock.png

Dating is hard, but if you step back for a little you can realize the univerise is full of possibluty. 


New Yorker's can go to #spaceOUT to get little endless scroll therapy.

And you can check out @spaceoutnyc if you need a break from reality. 


Allie Smith (AD &CW)

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